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With the goal to fix carbon and recover areas of illegal deforestation we will plant native trees in Rio Preto Jacundá Extractive Reserve, Amazon, Rondônia, Brazil. The plantation of native species with an economic interest (cocoa, cupuaçu, açaí, amazon nuts, andiroba) is intended to increase the family income of traditional populations.

Tree Nation Project

Our job at Tree-Nation is to make sure more trees are planted every day.
We want to make tree planting easy and accessible to everyone. And we mean everyone.
It is estimated that for every second of time that passes the world loses 1.5 acres of forest. Besides being home to millions of different species of wildlife and precious ecosystems the world’s forests also play a crucial role in our ever growing fight against climate change. With over 30 million acresof forests and woodlands lost every year due to deforestation it is estimated that an additional 1.5 billion tons of CO2 is being released into our fragile atmosphere every single year.

With climate change, humanity is possibly facing it’s biggest threat ever. We believe our platform can help by uniting all tree planting efforts worldwide and providing a safe and enjoyable platform to keep planting.
For this task we are lucky to receive the help of so many amazing people that participate, one way or another, in making this global reforestation goal a reality.
That’s what do, and we love it!

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Tree Nation with the goal of offsetting our CO2 output and fighting back against aggressive deforestation and your purchase today makes a difference!
Learn More about Tree Nation – https://tree-nation.com

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