FireFly Wear is a family owned business all for fair trade. Featuring a collective of fashion designers and artists from around the the world. Our designs are functional, fashionable, and sustainable! We believe in innovative self expression which is why each product is unique to its own and handcrafted. Wearing our product connects you with the earth, your individuality all while supporting our families whom are tailoring these designs. 

Our mission it to spread the consciousness and well being of hand crafted designs and artwork which is based on universal geometry and ancient symbols. 

All our fabrics are eco friendly by using organic cotton, bamboo, and micro modal. Serving you the highest quality of threads and a sustainable product through fabrics, inks and handcrafted from our collaborative families in Bali. 

Our prints are designed with the intention to inherent harmony with the balance of natural elements. We implement this by using symbolic symbols such as sacred geometry, mandalas and crop circles, then infused with Selenite crystals ink. 

Selenite Crystal is  known as the ‘Mystical stone of Crystal Clarity’ useful for connecting with the light of heaven and moonlight, It is also used to help reach new states of consciousness, provides clarity of mind, is energetically and physically purifying. 


Founder of FireFly Wear

Tammy Firefly is an internationally-acclaimed innovative fire and aerial performance artist who has enthralled audiences across the globe with the marvels of Cirque Du Soleil, and created mesmerizing performances and event productions catered to unique themes for prestigious automobile companies such a Porsche, Mercedes- Benz and Audi, luxury hotels and resorts including Club Med and Hilton, and multinationals such as Heineken.

For over 10 years, Tammy has built a solid professional reputation and her breath-taking creations have helped her transform from an esteemed solo performer to successful event producer specializing in explosive visuals and thrilling aerial and fire art extravaganzas, leaving her audiences wowed by truly unforgettable experiences.

Tammy also shares her expertise through fun and engaging trainings; whether it be corporate team building, retreats and workshops or private sessions, she can tailor a program to suit your needs. Tammy is also a yoga certified, health and nutrition mentor and offers her services via online training courses or residency programs.

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