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Tao Union Vescica Piscis Ring with Amethyst | Boho Jewelry, Bohemian Ring, Gemstone Ring, Statement Ring, Energy Ring, Yoga Jewelry

$ 75.00

•☽This Silver Vesica Piscis Ring with Amethyst has been created as a Symbol of Sacred Union. The two Beings on the opposite side of the ring, representing the polarities, reaching from the Heart, are holding the platform for the precious gem of a purple color. Amethyst connects you to your higher consciousness and purple encompasses the full spectrum of colors. Uniting in the highest realm the Polarities are triumphantly brought into Balance.☯
It is perfect Symbol of the Inner Marriage or an Engagement Ring

Tao Union Veseca Ring With Amethyst

☾•Made using 7.7gr of Sterling Silver and Clear Amethyst Gem

type: Unknown Type by: Tao Muse
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