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Ocean Dance Dress | Yoga, Bamboo, Low Back Dress, Bohemian Dress, Sexy Dress, Long Dress, Long slits, Maxi Designer Dress, Boho Beach Dress

$ 120.00

☾Ocean Dance Dress

A luxurious full-length natural bamboo dress, high slits for maximum movement and style! This bamboo dress has a heavenly softness that instantly makes you feel sexy and free. Highlights the waistline and gracefully flows as you walk.

☾Available in different colors

☾Size Small, Medium, Large

☾Available in: XS/S/M/L/XL
Find more about the sizes in our SIZE CHART here: https://taomuse.com/gallery (please copy this link and paste it to your browser).

☾Made from bamboo fabric which makes you feel amazing with these benefits:

✓ Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable & renewable resource.

✓100% biodegradable.

✓Only requires rainwater.

✓ Grows 100% naturally with no pesticides or fertilizers.

✓ As a fast-growing grass, only a small area is required for harvesting.

✓ Bamboo only uses 10% of the area, for the same yield of cotton.

✓ Bamboo is cut and not uprooted, meaning the root system biodegrades continuing the nourish the ecosystem.

✓ Protects from 97% of harmful UV rays.

✓ Gentle and safe on sensitive skin.

Inspired & Hand-made in Bali,

with You & Gaia at heart

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