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Moon Drip Linen Dress | Bamboo Flow Dress | gypsy dress, linen dress, bamboo clothing, yoga dress, casual dress, Yoga, Bamboo

$ 175.00

Moon Drip Linen Dress

Your little moon child will shine brightly in this dress with a gentle halter and sassy back tie.
This breezy linen fit with a dropping moon falling back will make you feel aligned with the energy of the moon.

Linen is hypoallergenic meaning it will not disturb an allergy/sensitivity and is an ally when healing from skin conditions from rash to chronic eczema.

On an energetic level Linen is known to protect our body from chemical exposures, filter noise and dust for the sensitive bodies.

Linen has been revered since ancient times for the healing qualities. Did you know the Egyptian Pharaohs were wrapped in Linen? There is a natural element present in Linen that prevents the fabric from eroding.

Inspired & Hand-made in Bali,
with You and Gaia at heart

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