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Dance Shorts with Zipper l Bamboo Yoga Pants l Aladdin Pants l Ninja Pants l Festival Pants l Harem Pants Men l Urban Clothing

$ 139.00

  • 100% biodegradab
  • Only requires rainwater.
  • Grows 100% naturally with no pesticides or fertilizers.
  • As a fast-growing grass, only a small area is required for harvesting.
  • Bamboo only uses 10% of the area, for the same yield of cotton.
  • Bamboo is cut and not uprooted, meaning the root system biodegrades continuing the nourish the ecosystem.
  • Protects from 97% of harmful UV rays.
  • Chemical-free!
  • Gentle and safe on sensitive skin.
inspired & Hand-made in Bali,
with You & Gaia at heart

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